The cyclone sparator can be used successfylly in all closed loop water systems including cooling water, aircon, boiler water etc.

Separators can remove up to 98% of the particles which are 363 mesh / 40 micron, and 1.8 specific gravity or greater.

Put a sample of the fluid you want filtered in a clear bottle. Shake/stir the contents and let stand. What settles to the bottom in the first 30-45 seconds are the particles that the separator will remove from your system. The fluid may not be clear, but, if the particles left in suspension will not harm or get stuck in the downstream equipment, then a separator will work for your installation.

Compared to a strainer, the separator will represent a constant, rather than variable pressure drop, and purging will not stop the flow unlike when cleaning a manual strainer.

Purging may be automated with a cycle of 3-5 secs per day, or manually operated.
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