Multidirekt (219 x 121)
MultiDirect Photometer
The MultiDirect is a filter photometer using The MultiDirect is a contemporary, microprocessor- controlled photometer with ergonomically designed keypad and large-format graphic display. It is equipped with a wide range of pre-programmed methods based on the proven range of Lovibond® tablet reagents, liquid reagents, tube tests and powder reagents (VARIO Powder Packs). Users can also store their own methods.
BOD Oxidirect (Sewage plant effluent quality)
BOD – biochemical oxygen demand – is an expression for the quantity of oxygen required for biological degradation of organic matter in a waste water sample. BOD measurement is therefore used as a basis for the detection of biologically degradable organic matter in water. The difference between BOD and chemical oxygen demand (COD) is that COD additionally registers biologically non-degradable organic matter.
BOD measurement is therefore an important measure of the effects of domestic and industrial waste water on sewage plants and outflow points. Test require incubator.

CheckitDirect COD VARIO (Sewage plant effluent quality)
The chemical oxygen demand, ST-COD value, of water as determined by this dichromate method can be considered as an estimate of the theoretical oxygen demand, i.e. the amount of oxygen consumed in total chemical oxidation of the organic constituents present in the water.
Suitable for use onboard.

BOD (138 x 125)
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